Art for Uptown Bank's Private Banking Area

Although the bank president originally wanted to purchase images from my portfolio, I felt it was better if the images that were to hang in the newly build area were of local businesses who had been funded by the bank.  The idea excited the bank, and so I shot buildings whose business had been impacted by the bank.  These are warm toned, deliciously ancient looking, framed in deep walnut frames, and hang along the corridor of Private Banking at the main bank on Lawrence and Broadway. This commission led to art for two more Uptown branches of the bank, and the larger commission for street banners from The Uptown Chamber.

Street Banners for Uptown Chamber of Commerce

For this project for the Uptown Chamber of Commerce, I proposed to create iconic images of landmarks of the Uptown area. Seven different black and white images were reproduced on 350 street banners hanging on streets throughout the Uptown area.  They were removed as they became tattered, but some remain after 15 years.

Promotional Art for Holsten Management

Because the banners were so well received, I was hired by Holsten Management to create images in my quirky style for The Bryn Mawr and Belle Shore Apartment buildings, to be used for promotion of the recent renovations, and to hang in the buildings as art.  The wonderful Art Deco facades gave me plenty of inspiration.

Premiere Dermatology

This project came to me through the architect on the project, David Fleener, with whom I had worked on other jobs.  I proposed to do a series of photographs to be shot in the museums of Paris, based on the Greco-Roman ideals of beauty.  The client was so happy with the 23 images (printed to 20x30”) that they created a brochure about the work (see under Covers and Announcements) and ordered more images
for other places in the facility.

Art for Prudential Lobby

Since 2010, I have been commissioned to create images for the Stetson lobby of the Prudential Building in Chicago. These are 4'x5' and hang high above the security desk.




Ellie Thompson Jewelry

For client Ellie Thompson, my vision was to create images where the jewelry, and not the model,was the star. I used Ellie's jewels in unusual ways, not always as they were intended to be worn,to call attention to their forms and surfaces rather than the person wearing them.

For more information on Ellie Thompson Jewelrey visit

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