The most moving photograph on earth, for me, is Imogene Cunningham's "Unmade Bed". I am now fortunate to own a print of that evocative, iconic image. In any case, inspired by her/it, I have been taking shots of the beds I sleep in as I travel to photograph, which I generally do alone. They reference much needed rest, and act as a visual record of the dreams I leave on the still warm pillow, in the tangled bedclothes, in the rooms I inhabit as a photographer on the prowl for the next image, and the next. They are always done on the first morning I wake up in a place, with the bed left exactly as I leave it, exactly as I slept in it.

For a long time, they were tight shots of the variety of beds, rooms, the bedspreads or duvets, often with my cameras on them. Then several trips ago to India, I shot one unmade, because I was about to leave that hotel to go out to shoot, and then catch a plane, and I remembered I hadn't done it yet. When I got the film back, I was struck by the feelings I experienced looking at the beauty and simplicity of the wrinkled white, the indented pillows, and the whole sort of disheveled quality of the place where I had dreamt through the night, as well as the abstract quality of the whole scene. At first, I was struck by the sameness of all the white beds, but later recognized their differences, and their sense of place told by the headboards and area surrounding the actual beds. Both are interesting, both are valid, and all express who I am as a photographer, as an artist.

This, of all my projects, has gained new depth and dimension in each of places I wake up; in Paris, Copenhagen Ghent, Agra, Hamburrg, Helsinki, etc. The number of beds will continue to grow, and the titles will reflect the locations. I plan to show them printed large, a testament to process and dreams, inspiration and personal journey.

Local Color

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Mannequins (No Thoughts)

Spirits in Stone



Visages des Visages




Dreaming in Color

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Searching for Jehanne

The Joan of Arc Project

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